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Many “smart money” gamblers 보글사다리2분 게임 make weekly profits from sports betting, and this is widely known. How? Many people use sports handicapping services to find the games where they have the best shot at winning. The next two examples come straight from my sports-picking service, David James Sports.

Football odds: Chicago Bears -16, San Francisco 49ers

Whoa, that’s a lot of points to give up in an NFL game. When comparing the two squads, it is easy to see why the 49ers are getting so many bonus points. Except for the near-disaster on Monday Night in Arizona, the Bears have thoroughly crushed the Cardinals this season. 카지노 In the four wins, the Bears had a combined score of 137-20.

Think about the implications of that number for a second. These are not underdog college teams trying to take on powerhouses; they are professional football clubs from the NFL. The defending NFC champion Seattle Seahawks lost by a final score of 137-20 after being outscored by a total of 637 yards 실시간 보글사다리2분 over four halves and 16 quarters. When it comes to professional games, the current is valued more than statistics from the past.

The current Bears team has the makings of a memorable one. Turnovers by their offense (6 of them) were the only reason they were competitive in Arizona. However, the Bears were ultimately victorious. However, the 49ers are not any better than any other terrible football team. The team has won two games this season, against Oakland and St. Louis, but has lost four games by an average of more than 40 points. As a gaming metric, this is crucial. Expect Chicago to score somewhere between 30 and 40 points against the 49er’s defense this weekend.

The line is currently at 16 points, so the question is whether the 49ers 토토먹튀폴리스 can score 20 points against the Bear’s defense. Don’t think so. Put aside your success or failures in games where you were favored in the past. The 49ers are playing in a hostile environment and are heavily outmatched on both sides of the ball. The Bears plan to play aggressively in front of their home crowd.

I think the Bears will win 사설 보글사다리2분 this game by a score of 37-10 over the Niners

In this example, we see how a good sports bettor can see past superficial details and focus on what matters. To be more specific, the Bears are a much better team and can easily beat the 49ers. A final score of 41-10 was recorded for this contest.

The day’s best rivalry was in the second contest of the day. An expert sports handicapper has onc 로투스홀짝 e again demonstrated his or her ability to narrow in on what matters by analyzing this contest in detail.

Denver Broncos -3 against 보글사다리2분 분석 the Indianapolis Colts

This is the week’s most intriguing matchup. In what could be a dress rehearsal for the AFC Championship Game, we are taking the Colts. I’ll elaborate. Tony Dungy is a wonderful person and a brilliant coach.

But he isn’t quite as effective in the playoffs. Why? His teams may be able to run all over weaker opponents during the regular season due to their superior talent, but it will be much tougher for them to make progress up and down the field against teams of a similar caliber, especially in the postseason. The second problem is that Dungy doesn’t have as much experience as other coaches, such as Mike Shanahan.

That means the Colts will do everything it majorsitelist takes to win, even if it means putting the Broncos in a position where they can’t use the techniques they should be saving for their potential postseason meeting. Of equal importance, Indianapolis is cognizant of the expectations placed upon them to defend their Super Bowl title. They know 보글사다리2분 패턴 that a loss to Denver means they may have to travel back to the Mile High City during a blizzard in January if they want to play in the Super Bowl.

Any postseason game in the snow is one that Peyton Manning would rather not play in. A glance at the two clubs also reveals this pairing. Denver has not won a game this year where the score was more than 17. The truth is that they’ve only scored 17 points twice all season. The minimum age to play their other games was 13.

However, I still think Denver’s defense is overrated, despite their stellar performance. Their final three opponents were from Cleveland, Oakland, and Baltimore. Can you recall the AFC Championship game from January, when the Steelers completely dominated the opposing team’s secondary? In the same vein, Manning will proceed. Considering this, I can’t believe the Colts are getting a three-point advantage.

As in the Kansas City game, I give the Colts a 50/50 shot 온라인 보글사다리2분 at victory. Add those extra three points to your bet and you have a much better chance of winning. Prediction: Colts win easily, 28-13.

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The Colts’ victory, by a score of 13-10, was the predicted outcome. Knowing they would have to face Indianapolis again in the postseason, the Broncos played a very lax zone defense the entire game. Indy scored every time they had the ball, while the Broncos were able to store their best moves for the next game.